Welcome to Schwarz Global Consulting

Schwarz Global Consulting was founded in 1998 to provide consulting services to the hydrometallurgical industry. These services include process development and optimization as well as the design of small, fine chemicals manufacturing facilities.

In May 2000, we started representing manufacturers of industrial equipment in Southern Africa. We have focused on companies that manufacture high quality, innovative and reliable equipment.  We have aimed for representation of a range of products which compliment each other, with equipment of different suppliers often fitting together in  sequence of process steps.


We are now the agents for the following manufacturers of industrial process equipment:

Flottweg manufactures industrial solid-liquid separation systems. The equipment range includes decanter and disc stack centrifuges, as well as belt presses. Innovative equipment design permits the following separation options: 2 phase (liquid-solid) – 2 phase (liquid-liquid) – 3 phase (liquid-liquid-solid) – 3 phase (solid-liquid-solid) 

Heinkel manufactures discontinuous and batch centrifuges such as peelers, basket and inverting filter centrifuges. Through their daughter company, Comber, they are also able to supply Nutsche  agitated pressure filters. 

Novamine are the developer and manufacturers of the KIMBO Dump Body Exchange System for large haul and OH trucks. The system does away with the use of cranes, changing the conventional, hazardous, suspended load operation to a much safer and quicker supported load approach.The system makes it feasible to change out a dump body on trucks as large as the CAT797 with only 3 operators in a time span of 1.5 to 3 hours.

We are also able to supply  machinery and systems for bulk solids handling. We cover applications such as blending, drying, agglomeration, filling and discharging systems for FIBC, containers, barrels, sacks and cardboard boxes. We focus in particular on complete containment, contamination-free systems, for the handling of hazardous products and prevention of contamination of bulk solids.


We represent the following producers of consumables to the electro-winning industry:

G-Process produces the DXG-F7 grain refiners for copper electrowinning. DXG-F7 is a high performance alternative to the conventionally used guar gum. DXG-F7 has a number of significant advantages. It is much easier to prepare, can withstand higher current densities, improves the chemical purity of copper cathodes and reduces nodulation. DXG-F7 has been successfully implemented in 26 EW plants so far.

Idemin manufactures anode fittings which are highly effective at ensuring accurate spacing of the cathodes between the anodes. This has a significant effect on current efficiencies, resulting in an increase of at least 2 %. The fittings also serve to stiffen the edges of the anode, thereby preventing warping. This has been shown to extend the usable lifespan of the anodes by 20 %.


In addition SGC provides consulting services for process development and process optimization in hydrometallurgy, as well as fine chemical plant design.

We also offer technical translations English, German and Spanish.