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Introduction to Flottweg Separation Technology

The focus of Flottweg in the field of liquid-solid separation is primarily on the sedimentation processes of solid liquid mixtures or suspensions. Flottweg’s equipment range includes Solid Bowl Scroll Centrifuges, more commonly known as Decanter centrifuges, DISC stack centrifuges and BELT presses. The areas of most common use for the types of machines are as follows:

DECANTER centrifuges

DISC centrifuges

BELT presses

decanter DDGS centrifuge sludge dewatering drill mud oil bio diesel ethanol disc centrifuge biodiesel bioethanol flottweg clarifier separator purifier oil suspensions

Dewatering of slurries with a
high solids content

Separation of slurries containing a low percentage of suspended solids

High capacity separation to produce a high cake solids content

While most separation processes involve one solid and one liquid phase, Flottweg’s centrifuges can also be employed for systems consisting of two liquids, two liquids and one solid, or two solids and one liquid. This degree of flexibility ensures that Flottweg is able to meet the requirements of an extremely large range of separation processes.Over the years Flottweg has developed a high degree of expertise in many areas of separation. Due to customer demand the scope of supply has expanded from single pieces of equipment to complete systems, such as the system for cleaning oil sludge pictured below. Such systems can be laid out as either stationary or mobile systems.

Flottweg offers complete process line solutions for the following applications

• Treatment of sewage sludge resulting from industrial and household waste
• Processing sludge and waste oil from refineries, drilling sites and industries
• Processing cooling lubricants in rolling mills and metal cutting facilities
• Bio-diesel and bio-ethanol processes (DDGS separation)
• Recovery of lead sludge in battery production
• Paint sludge disposal and phosphate conditioning in the automotive industry
• Fat and oil recovery from animal and vegetable products
• Fruit and vegetable juice production
• Starch production