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The Disc Stack Centrifuge

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FLOTTWEG DISC STACK centrifuges are used for separation and clarification of slurries containing low percentages of suspended solids. Systems can be designed for gas tight operation where required. FLOTTWEG’s latest development, the AC-Series DISC centrifuges are perfectly suited for process water recycling such as in the effluent treatment in the wheat starch process. They are also the equipment of choice for the separation of biodiesel and glycerine.

Their features include:
• Innovative bowl discharge system for accurate partial and total solids discharge
• Compact spindle unit for easy maintenance
• Extremely low noise levels during operation and discharge
• Low-maintenance belt drive
• High sludge chamber volume

FLOTTWEG’s product range for disk centrifuges covers throughput capacities from below 1 m³/h up to 85 m³/h.

Mode of operation
A DISC centrifuge consists of a vertical, rotating bowl with an integral disc stack. While the centrifugal forces imparted by the rotating bowl act to separate the phase according to their density, this effect is enhanced by the disc stacks. When the density of the suspended solids is greater than that of the liquid phases, the solids will deposit on the inner wall of the bowl. These systems are effectively batch centrifuges. While liquid phase is discharged continuously, to remove solids the feed is normally interrupted and the bowl is opened. The feed should therefore contain less than 2% solids. Solids removal can be manual or automatic (self cleaning), depending on the model chosen. A DISC centrifuge is referred to as a SEPARATOR when it is employed to separate two liquids, with or without solids. The separation is optimized by inserting a variety of weir rings or by applying back pressure to the outlets. Where the DISC centrifuge is primarily employed to remove solids from the liquids, it is referred to as a CLARIFIER or PURIFIER .

clarify clarification biodiesel clarifier separation separator separating purifier purifying purify flottweg disc centrifuge

Typical applications
• Clarifying beverages
• Clarifying biodiesel
• Biodiesel and glycerine separation
• Clarifying vegetable oils, eg. olive oil
• Clarifying mineral oils recovered from sludge
• Clarifying recycled process water in the food industry
• Purifying pharmaceutical products