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The SEDICANTER® Centrifuge

The FLOTTWEG SEDICANTER® is a horizontal decanter centrifuge for continuous separation of suspended fines from liquids with pasty or slimy sediments. The FLOTTWEG SEDICANTER® is used for “soft” products such as yeast, bacteria slurries, precipitated proteins, and other products, which have been difficult to near impossible to be adequately processed with decanters or disc stack centrifuges. Flottweg’s range of SEDICANTER® reach up to capacities of 20m³/h. A typical application would be the dewatering of soy milk products. With the FLOTTWEG SEDICANTER®‚ soy milk and soy proteins can be processed and produced much more economically. Typically, a FLOTTWEG SEDICANTER® can process at least twice the amount of soy milk as a decanter of similar size while producing a dryer cake (Okara) and cleaner milk – negating the need for a disc stack centrifuge.

Mode of operation
The SEDICANTER® is essentially a decanter centrifuges but with some novel differences. As for ordinary decanters, the feed enters the bowl through a central feed pipe. Through ports in the scroll body, feed passes into the bowl where separation by centrifugal force takes place. The differences are in the drive and the internal design. The drive is able to impart very high g-forces (as high as 10 000 g) facilitating the separation of very fine, slow-settling solids. The shape of the bowl gives the SEDICANTER® a much longer clarification zone than the standard decanter. A uniquely designed feed distributor and bowl seal prevent foaming in the product inlet zone. The cleaning-in-place provisions available for the SEDICANTER® meet pharmaceutical industry standards.

Typical applications
• Dewatering proteinl
• Soya milk and proteins processing
• Concentrating bacteria
• Removal of algal cells
• Yeast removal