IMA provides innovative analyser technologies for the mining industry. Their range of products includes cross-belt analysers, blast hole sample analysers and core sample analysers. Their systems provide real time analysis of ore grades, blast hole profiles and exploration core samples. 3D modelling services of the analytic results can also be provided.

QuarCon Systems

QuarCon System 200 System is an on-belt XRF analyzer system for analytical monitoring of crushed ore products giving the geochemical information for the mine.
The system consists of a QuarCon Analyser and a Process Management (PM-) Station for data calculation, collection, storage and display.
The PM -station also has Reporting tools for shift or other reports.
In a typical installation at a limestone quarry QuarCon 200 is monitoring the main oxides for the cement production e.g.: CaO, Fe2O3, SiO2, Al2O3 in the pre-blending piles.
The QuarCon analyzer is also well suited for metallic minerals applications (Al, Ti, Cr, Fe, Cu, Ni, Zn, Pb, As), generally from Al to Pb.


IMACON Analyzer

IMACON on-line analyzers are used to analyze oxide or elemental compositions in finely grinded dry powders, or in wet slurries at the concentrator or other process plant. Fast elemental analysis and control of the material ensures stable product quality all times. You can replace your service intensive sampling system with a modern IMACON on-line analyzer system and get savings in chemicals, energy and labour costs through better and faster control.
The new IMACON 100 analyzer system is designed especially for on-stream analysis of final cement or cement raw meal, but can be used in various other applications. With the new x-ray tube and detector arrangement IMACON 100 gives higher sensitivity for both light and heavy elements.
All the other features of IMACON 100 System are the same as for QuarCon System.


OreSpex System

OreSpex, Laser based analyzer systems, are designed for identification of mineral types or quality classes in mines and quarries to provide real-time information for quality control in handling and processing of ores. OreSpex analyzer can be installed to identify and estimate the amount of waste material directly from the conveyor or from the LHD scoop or from the train moving the ore.

OreSpex analyzer can be installed as a stand-alone probe or it can be connected into IMA QuarCon system to analyse elemental and mineral compositions of different ore types on-line, non-contact in both underground and in the open pit mines. The main fields of application are in dilution control of run-of-mine (r-o-m-) ore.